Wednesday, January 9, 2008


If you were a cannibal and ate someone from China would you be hungry an hour later? What if they were from India, would they taste like curry? What if they were from Mexico, would they taste spicy? What about a Japanese person would they taste like rice and sushi. What about a black person, would they taste burnt, or pork or like watermelon? How I have to admit I have dated some black girls in my time and they all tasted like fish. Well just random thoughts that run though my mind from time to time. More to come.


You know when I was growing up if you wore a hat indoors you got your head damn near knocked off. But now it seems that no one has any respect for anything anymore and will wear their hats everywhere. I can't stand it when I walk into a restauant and see all of these young ass stupid fucking punks in there thinking they are the coolest thing since sliced bread. Wearing their hats backwards and sideways and everywhich way. The only thing that stops me from going over there and knocked the fuck out of them is the fact that I only have 6 inchs of colon left and there are some big dicked sumbitches in jails. Any way I get my point across when I can, my son and I have something set up when we get to the table he will ask me loudly why I took off my hat and all of these other people have theirs on. I of course say as loudly as I can so that the ones around can hear that only inbred uneducated people who will never amount to nothing in their short lives wear their hats indoors, or something to that effect. anyway I get the point across and down grade them to the lowest level. So far I have never had one try anything so I must be right. So remember the next time your out eating and someone says something about you wearing your hat indoors and it pissess you off it may be me. If you don't like it then TAKE OFF YOUR FUCKING HAT YOU DUMBASS AND SHOW SOME RESPECT TO THE PEOPLE YOUR WITH.