Thursday, December 3, 2009

What do you think

From time to time I will be doing a story here and at the end I will ask "What do you think?". I would really like to know your opinions, how you feel about it and your thoughts on the subject.

Story One:

A few years ago over in Hinds county, I live in Rankin, a crimmial was arrested and put into the Hinds County Detention Center. I won't use race here, just the facts. While there that person got into a fight with another inmate and was put into the hosptial, the county (taxpayers) paid his medical bills, but the inmate was told that they would not ever be able to walk again and be wheelchair bold.

The inmate, after they got out sued Hinds County and the Sheriff, saying that they did not protect him or prevent him from getting hurt, so therefore since he is now unable to work for the rest of his life, they should have to pay. He sued for over 5 million dollars.

Now, here's my thoughts on the subject. The inmate was in jail for dealing drugs, something he had been arrested on many times, so therefore he was a repeat offender.
In prison you have to watch out for yourself, you have no friends, plus he was a member of a gang and the one who attacked him was of a rival gang, so there was some bad blood there already. He would have known who was who when he walked in. Now as far as working for a living, I don't think he has ever worked at all, unless you call selling drugs to kids working.

So, here is my point, if he had been a good citizion, worked hard and had stayed out of trouble he would not have been in jail in the first place to have gotten attacked. By being a drug dealer and gang member he knew the risk and took them anyway, thereby putting himself in that place to get himself hurt and not able to walk. So in my view, it is not the county or the sheriffs fault that he is now unable to walk. It is not even the other inmates fault, it is his own fault. He took the path that lead him down to where he is now. If that means that he is unable to do anything like sell drugs, rob, kill, or anything else then I say good, that just means we have gotten one less crimmial off the street.

So, what do you think?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

SEIU union thugs run St. Louis government.

It seems to me that SEIU, is now running St. Louis as well as the White House and Congress. After being videotaped beating and kicking a black man who was handing out “Don’t tread on me” flags. They called him the “N” word. In any other case Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP and any other group would be down there yelling that this was a hate crime and infringed on his first adminment rights. Where are they though? No where, because the people who beat him were SEIU members and they don’t want to lose any money that they get from that group. Well what about the DA for that city, aren’t they doing anything? Check this out, not wanting to piss off the president the most they are chargeing them with adds up to jaywalking.

If this had happened to one of them it would have been on every news network there is and around the clock coverage until the people had been put in jail. Jesse, Al and the rest would have been on tv talking about how bad it was and that they were going to be suing them and everything else. But because this was one of obamas boys you didn’t hear about it unless you listien to the right news networks.


There is a reason for everything.

Well hello again, so here it is. I have always believed that things happens for a reason. Like when I got sick, that was Gods way of telling me to slow down and enjoy time with my family and maybe to pay back some of the things that I had done in my past. Let’s take today for exaimple, got up this morning went to the head and peed blood, ok, that’s bad. Went to church anyway, went to the head again, peed blood again, went back told wife going to the VA. Got to the VA, checked in at the AO (ER) and waited reading my bible.
When I finnialy got to see the doc of course they wanted blood test and x-rays. Well while they were taking my blood got to talking and shooting the bull with a few of the nurses. I mentioned that “things happen for a reason”. Well after the x-rays I went back into the waiting room. One of the nurses came out and told me that someone else had just said the same thing to her. I looked at her and smiled and said” well I guess that was my reason for coming here today” I asked her what was wrong” She wanted to know how I knew something some wrong. Simple, if nothing was wrong what I had said and what the other person had said would have just passed her by. I told her that no matter what is going on in life it is done for a reason. Then she asked about the little girl that died last week what reason could there be for that. Well, maybe God wanted the parents to come closer to him or maybe he wanted to make way for another child and he knew that they would not be able to support two or three. there are a thousand reasons God called her home. But he had a reason. I told that no matter her problem all of answers could be found in the bible. I didn’t ask what her problem was but she said thanks and seemed more at peace than when she had come before.
So remember no matter what happens it is happening for a reason and God will not give you more than you can handle.

Sports the root of all evil

Hello all, what is on and in the mind of Robert today? There is so much that I could talk about, things that make me mad, things that make me laugh, things that make me go hmmm. I have a head full of useless information. Like, did you know that the length of your wirst to you elbow is the same as your foot. Yeah, I know, crazy, right. Anyway, what about sports. I hate sports, I won’t watch them. I think that the players of the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and any other pro sport are paid way to much for notthing. I don’t have notthing agaisnt high school or college sports, that’s fine, but after that there should be no sports played what so ever. They are put up on pedestals and most people worship them as gods. They are not the best role models, I mean look at all of the ones that have been put in jail for drugs, fighting, drinking and such. If we were to put all of the money that we spend on these pros into science and resreach, I wonder how better off we would be now. How many cures would we have now? How much smarter would our childern be? How better would our lives be, would hunger be gone? Would there be any homeless? I’m not one of those tree hugging, snail dodgeing liberals, I think we should kill all of the ones on death roll, (I’ll get to that on a later one) everyone should tote a gun on their side, obama hating person. I just don’t think sports is very important and that we could be doing more with the money then what we are. Now I know I’m going to have some people out there that hate me for what I’m saying, but think about it, if we were using the money you spend on sports maybe that person you loved who died of cancer or of something else would not have died if we had used it for resreach instead.