Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sports the root of all evil

Hello all, what is on and in the mind of Robert today? There is so much that I could talk about, things that make me mad, things that make me laugh, things that make me go hmmm. I have a head full of useless information. Like, did you know that the length of your wirst to you elbow is the same as your foot. Yeah, I know, crazy, right. Anyway, what about sports. I hate sports, I won’t watch them. I think that the players of the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and any other pro sport are paid way to much for notthing. I don’t have notthing agaisnt high school or college sports, that’s fine, but after that there should be no sports played what so ever. They are put up on pedestals and most people worship them as gods. They are not the best role models, I mean look at all of the ones that have been put in jail for drugs, fighting, drinking and such. If we were to put all of the money that we spend on these pros into science and resreach, I wonder how better off we would be now. How many cures would we have now? How much smarter would our childern be? How better would our lives be, would hunger be gone? Would there be any homeless? I’m not one of those tree hugging, snail dodgeing liberals, I think we should kill all of the ones on death roll, (I’ll get to that on a later one) everyone should tote a gun on their side, obama hating person. I just don’t think sports is very important and that we could be doing more with the money then what we are. Now I know I’m going to have some people out there that hate me for what I’m saying, but think about it, if we were using the money you spend on sports maybe that person you loved who died of cancer or of something else would not have died if we had used it for resreach instead.

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