Thursday, December 31, 2009

Crimes, My thoughts

You may not believe it but I can remember a time when I could go to sleep at night and not have to worry about what would happen to me at night. I could ride my bike for miles and I did it without anyone worrying about me. When I was growing up I could get up grab my shotgun, get some food and leave. I would be gone for 2 or 3 days and no one worried. Now you can’t drive down the street without the feat that someone may come out and try and carjack you.

Here we have all of these inmates in prison sitting around watching TV. lifting weights getting bigger and stronger. Talking to other inmates and learning from them how to commit more and better crimes in and out of prison. When they get out they go right back in. So here we are supporting a group of people that there is nothing wrong with that are healthier than you or I and we get nothing in return. Why not put their lazy butts to work?

Look, this is supposed to be a punishment, not a freaking “Club Med”. They get free cable, free food, free medical, free whatever they don’t need and more. All they need is a place to sleep, work and food. Put them on a farm, their own farm, if that’s the way to go. Have them build their own barracks or live in tent cities, if it’s good enough for our soldiers it’s good enough for them. All they need is a fan in the summer and a heater in the winter, maybe an outhouse or two, that’s right an outhouse. Put them to work on farms that produce crops for commercial sales. Put them to work making goods that can be bought and used by everyone. Just something to get them off their lazy butts. If they like killing so much put them in the slaughterhouse. No books, no TV, no newspapers, no nothing, free labor.

Here’s an idea, maybe we should make it so that the family of the inmate has to support them in jail that way it takes the burden off of the ones of us that don’t have family in jail. Yeah, I like that one too. Maybe people would think twice before they committed a crime knowing that their family would be put into this hardship. Get rid of the parole. If you do the crime you do the time, all of it. With the money that we would save on this we could pay the guards enough that they would not have to take bribes or sell drugs or whatever to the inmates to make ends meet. We could have more programs in schools to help kids and get them to college, maybe even drop the cost of college down.

But, hey what do I know; I’m just using common sense.

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