Thursday, December 17, 2009

STOP THE INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, on this one here I want some feed back.

First off let me say Merry Christmas to all of you and I hope you have a Happy New Year. That's right I said Christmas, not hoildays. The reason I mention this is this is going to be the focus of my blog today. Lets start off in Taunton, Mass.
A 2nd grade teacher told her class to draw a picture of what Christmas meant to them. One little 8 year old boy had just visted a shrine with his parents a week or so before so it was still stuck in his mind. He drew a picture of Jesus on the cross. Now I know that should be more for Easter, but still Christmas is his brithday so I'll give him points for getting the right person there. Well anyway, when the teacher saw it, she called the parents to come pick up the child and stated that he needed to undergo a, now get this, "Psychological Evaluation". They thought that we was a "danger" to himself and to others in his class. Of course he passed it and now the parents are asking for an apology, which they will never get because the schools sees that they did nothing wrong.

Next story, Old Bridge, New Jersey, Masdion Park Elementary School. A 3rd grader was ordered to put her Bible away and out of sight of the other childern when she was caught reading it during quite time. This is a time when they are allowed to read, or nap. From reports, the teacher got very angry with her, saying that school was not a place for such things. But I will give kudos to the principal. He has allowed the 3rd grader to bring her Bible back to school and apoloized to the family and the little girl. It is said that he stated that as long as she is reading the Bible during her quite time that is allowed. The teacher on the other hand has been dealt with.

Next one. Wisconsin, Governor Jim Doyle, who had millions donated to him by SEIU for his campain, has sign a bill that makes it a requirement that all students in schools of that state to be taught how wonderful it is to be part of Organized Lador. You all remember what good ole Andy Stren said about workers "Workers of the world unite". You remember that on one, that was the same words used in Russia, China, Cuba and everywhere else that they have communism. You know good ole Andy Stren, he's the one that wrote the Healthcare bill that they are trying to get passed in Congress now.

Anyway, just some simple facts here:
92% of Americans Believe in God.
83% of Americans Believe that Schools should celabate Christmas as a reiligous hoilday
66% of Americans celabate Christmas as a reiligous hoilday
6% of Americans don't celabate nothing at all
3% of Americans when asked these questions didn't know what to say.

So let me as you this if this is such a faith based country, why are we trying to take our faith out of our country? Why is that if one person in a group of thousands stands up and says I don't believe in God so we should pray, why do the 999 say ok and back down? Are we that scared of one person? What's wrong America, have you lost your heart, have you really lost your faith? According to the numbers we haven't. So what's the deal?

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