Saturday, April 17, 2010

Half Truths

I was poking around to ole net here the other day and thought I would go on over and see what the hard heads at "KN" were up to. Nothing as always, they still haven't changed anything, I'm sure Zach as got that site so messed up for them they can even find the "Enter" key. Any who I was looking and some of the b/s they had on there and one of the things was that none of the "Posters" ever asked them any question. I know that this is b/s, I've seen enough to know what was going on. Well I just wanted to let you all know that I have been asking some question of my own and have yet, of course, not gotten any answers. here is a copy of one such letter I sent to Greg Grayson dated Feb 25 2010 :

Hello, just a simple question or two to ask and then I will be on my way. Has Bryce ever explaned why all of the black sashes left? If he did so who did he blame? I know it wasn't himself, he would never do that, he's to much of a "MAN" to do that. But then again you know what they say when you start blameing your mistakes on someone or something else "YOU" are the faliure. Last one, is he reading your emails and mail, or is he just makeing you read them to him? Is he really that insecure about himself that he has to know what you are doing so that he doesn't lose the last of his free labor? Just wondering. I know I probably won't get a response to this and if I do it will be feed through to you from him so just thought I would give you both something to think about.

Goodbye and God Bless

Of course no answer back on that one but as soon as I get one I'll let you all know. Must be busy doing "ninje" stuff.

Here's one dated Feb 6 2010, still no response:

Just one question, Why have all of your black slash left you?

Must be working on their "judy" chops. let you know when I know.

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