Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pictures of a great ninja warrior

Hello all, sorry it has been a while since I have written, but I have been sick and have just now gotten to where I can get back to my old self again, I was surfing the net the other day and ran across some pictures. This is the "Shidoshi", "Leader", "Director", "Ninja Leader" of the Konigun Cult, I mean sect or school.
Look how well formed, toned and muscled he is, you can just tell once you get past about 300 lbs, he is a great ninja warrior and could kill you with just one "judy chop" or is that a pork chop? You can see how light on his feet he his, how he could just disappear in the chunk of an pie. How easily he leaps to the tops of ant hills in a single bound and buffets tremble at the mere mention of his name.
In this picture you can see the flapping roundness of his jowl, how what little chin is left disappears into what is little is left of a neck and into fat. See the fire in his eyes, or is that jelly? Here he instructs his students in the ancient secret ninja art of gravy on mashed taters.
Here you see him telling his students about his great feats at some of the worlds greatest buffets and how he defeated them all. He tells them how using the ninja fighting and eating techniques he learned from reading "Batman" comic books and watching "Fat Albert", his greatest hero, they too can weight 500 lbs or more like him one day.
As you can see here one of Bryces' students, a master of the buffet himself, Jay Green, is on the fast track of becoming a grand master himself.
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Anonymous said...

Well, that certainly brings back memories. Mr. Green once came to visit Texas, but could only be man enough to confront women....hmmmm, must be some martial art, maybe Judy chop is right. I know this, one of those women he confronted, that he was wise enough to stay out of reach of, could easily have taken him since she was and is an instructor in a legitimate martial art. I know for sure there is one home in New Mexico and one in Dallas he better never come near, those people apparently are armed but chose not to use those weapons on trespassers. I am glad to learn that you are out of this group and can speak from the "inside" what many tried to speak from the outside. What a relief to think that there are few people getting abused by this cult any more.

Anonymous said...

There is currently research going on towards a book which will be targeted for release on July 28th, 2012 in regards to the Konigun, Shidoshi Bryce Dallas, and those still affiliated, also allowing former members to tell their stories about the group.