Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two for one/ Az law and little girl shot

Couple of things I want to cover today, one is the new/old law in Arizona. Let me say that I think it is a great law that all states should pass and that Sheriff Joe should be head of Homeland Security. Now I have been reading on the net, in magazines, newspapers and listening on the news, all of these stories of how racist it is and how the law is making us look bad. I have heard/read about how some illegal’s have been here for years (10, 20 and 30) and are now being deported. This is freaking crazy, how can you be here for that long, make a life for yourself and not go through the process of becoming a US citizen? They are saying, “Look, I’ve been here this long, my kids have grown up here, I haven’t caused any trouble and now you want to send me back, why?” Because you are an ILLEGAL.

If you go to any other country even Mexico and are caught living there illegally, you are put in jail, your assets taken and belong to the state, you may or may not get back to your own country. Now that’s the nice ones, the bad ones are even worse, you could be killed on site, or tortured, held as a spy, put into a hard labor camp, all kinds of mean and nasty things, and people think this law will make us look bad, PLEASE.

Where else but here could you go out into the streets and protest a law like that and not worry about the secret police coming for you and your family in the middle of the night? No where but here. You have to remember 70% of Arizonians want this law and approve of it. This just proves that we do not need big government to run our lives we can do just fine all by ourselves.

Story 2
Next thing on my list, I read the story about the little girl up in Detroit that got shot by the police, sorry that it happened but it was not the fault of the police. I can hear some of you already getting mad and calling me all kinds of names, that’s fine, sticks and stones people, sticks and stones. Now if you will just calm down for a minute I will explain myself and how I think.
Alright, now the police had a warrant to go in a search for a person that they believed to be in the house/apartment that was wanted for the murder of a 17 year old kid. Now why did they think he was there? Was it because it was some of his family, friends, maybe they had a tip, either way they had just cause to enter and search. Now for the rest of the story. If the parents of the person they were searching had done a better job of raising their child the little girl would not be dead. If the person that they were searching for had been a better person and not done the things that he did the little girl would be alive. If these were friends of the person they were looking for, if they had just called the police and told them where he was at and obeyed the law and not given the person a place to stay the little girl would be alive.
You see it is all in what choices we make in life that makes us what we are, do we go right or left, up or down. Of course the ones out there reading this with little minds will say well it was the cops fault, they should not have come in the way they did, they did what they did to protect themselves. If it was up to me I would have just blown it up, you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet, it would make other think twice before they did anything outside the law. We have to untie the police hands the same with the military. You can’t run the police force or the military from behind a desk. But as I have shown you with just some simple decisions this whole thing could have been avoided .

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