Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mormons are not Christians

Mormonism is the most sucessful blended belief CULT in the world. Mormons tell you that they are Christians and they will tell you that they believe in the Bible, God, and Jesus Christ, but let's look at what they really believe.

Joseph Smith founded the Mormon Church as the one true church. The basic Mormon beliefs are in conflict with the basic Christian beliefs because they are unorthodox. Mormons beliefs can be found in four "standard works" of the Mormon scripture.

1) The Book of Mormon: Joseph Smith once called the "Book of Mormon" the most correct book on earth. Smith claimed he "translated" the " Book of Mormon" from the writtings of ancient civilizations, there is undeniable evidence that thousands of words in the "Book of Mormon"- including entire chapters form the Book of Isaiah- have been taken directly form the King James Version of the Bible.
2) Doctrines and Covenants: Smith also said that the "Book of Mormon" was the most "complete", but three years after writting the "Book of Mormon", Smith wrote the "Book of Commandments". Two years later he substantially revised this book and called it "Doctrines and Covenants".
3) Pearl of Great Price: This sacred Mormon book, also written by Smith, is a "translation" from various Egyptian artifacts he had acquired. It contains Smiths own "corret" translation fothe Book of Moses and the Gospel of Matthew, along with the Articles of Faith. It has been determined that the artifacts Smith used were in fact the remnants of a common Egytian funeral text.
4) The "Inspired" Version of the Bible: Smith believed and taught taht every translation of the Bible was corrupt, so he did his own "translation". The Mormon version of the Bible includes a passage in Genesis 50 that predicts the coming of Joseph Smith.


1) Eternal progression: The Mormons believe God is not the eternal, self-existent, all-poweful God of the universe. God is nothing more than a man who became a god/ God was created by another god who existed before the Father God, who rules the universe today (and that god was created by a god before him, ad infinitum). The current Father God was once a mortal man, but he "progressed" to become God. This belief that God was once a man leads to the belief that God sitll has a physical body.
2) Polytheism: This is perhaps the most basic difference between Mormonism and Christiantiy. They believe that any Mormon can become a God also. This belief in polytheism means that Mormonism is NOT in the traditon of monotheistic religions.

The Person of Jesus:
According to Mormon theology, after the current Father God was created, he grew up as a man on anohter planet and then became God. He then had sex with the Mother God and had "millions" of spirit childern. The firstborn of these spirit children was Jesus, and the second born was Lucifer. The Father God came up with a plan for the rest of his spirit children to populate and live on earth and be tested, only to return to him after death, ( this is why you hear Mormons sometimes to Jesus as "elder brother"). Jesus was chosen to be the Savior, which ticked off Lucifer, so he rebelled. The way Jesus was born on earth happened this way: The Father God had physical relations with Mary. Jesus grew up, got married and had several children (some Mormons believe that Jesus was a polygamist). He died on the cross, was resurredted with a new body and returned to heaven, where he is waiting to take the place of the Father God, who will progress to even greater realms.

Humankind: By becoming a Mormon and obeying Mormon teaching, you can progress toward godhood (if you get married in a Mormon temple, you get your own planet). Once you have become a god you can have spirit children of you own and they will eventrually come to earth and repeat the cycle.
Sin and Salvation: All people are saved eventually and you are saved individually by doing good works and by obeying "the laws of the Gospel" meanting people are saved by following the beliefs of the LDS Church.
The afterlife: Mormons believe that when they die all people will enter one of three heavens: the celestial, the terrestrial, or the telestial. Only faithful Mormons will enter the celestial heaven, the terrestrial heaven is second best, this is where really good non mormons and not so good mormons go. The telestial heaven is for those people who have been mostly bad and that includes most people.

One last Note:
Accordiing to traditional Mormon teaching, the angel Moroni was the son of the prophet Mormon, who wrote a book about two ancient civilizations that inhabited the American continent. The first of these civlizations, known as the Jaredites, came to the Western Hemisphere around 2250 B.C., but they were destroyed because of "corruption". The other civilization came to America across the Pacific Ocean from Jerusalem around 600 B.C. They were righteous Jews who escaped before the Babylonians captured the nation of Israel and destroyed their capital city.
The Book of Mormon written on the gold plates, is the historical record of these two civilizations. these Mormon scriptures say that the second civilization which eventually split into the Nephite and Lamanite nations built dozens of cities and waged large scale warfare culminationg in a massive battle that took place near Joseph Smith's home in New Yourk State. Interestingly no one shred of archaeological evidence for these civilizations or their cities exists. And since the angel Moroni took the gold plates back to heaven they are not available for inspection.

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